10 Reasons To Choose Us

Choose Nationwide Container Sales

Our shipping containers aren’t just great for transporting cargo; they work perfectly your storage needs in your homes and office. Built to withstand the harsh processes of loading, storage and overseas transportation, we have them in all the sizes you like.

We supply containers built with tough, long-lasting steel to survive the hostile forces of the harsh Australian climate.

Here are five reasons why shipping containers are so popular:

Reliable and Cost-Effective Means of Storage

Shipping containers offer a practical solution to storage problems as they are cheap to acquire and are very easy to load and transport which makes them that much more useful.

Durable and Built-to-Last

Shipping containers are extremely durable as they are built with corten steel. This is a weathering steel designed to eliminate the need for painting.

Portable Accommodation

Can be used as portable accommodation and offices, popular in the construction and mining industries. They can be easily modified to accommodate office desks and kitchenettes as well as bunk beds to sleep several people.

Transportation of Goods

Containers are primarily used for transporting goods overseas. They are loaded onto cargo ships and can be transported between docksbetween ports.


Perfect to be customised for refrigeration as they are built to withstand power fluctuations and extreme weather conditions. They can be modified with refrigeration facilities and store refrigerated goods.

15 Reasons to Consider Nationwide Container Sales as your preferred supplier.

1) All We Do is Shipping Containers

Our business is all about shipping containers. Since our inception, we have built our business to offer the best available services for hiring and selling containers. No more, no less.

2) We Hire and Sell

Our containers are available for hire as well as for permanent sale. We have our customers’ needs in mind and for those that require a container only for a temporary duration can choose to hire one from us.

3) We Can Modify To Your Specifications

User definition happens to be extremely important to us. You provide us with your customisation requirements and we do the rest. Our modifications inlcude new doors, windows, shelving, desks, beds, bathrooms and offices.

4) We Use the Best Quality Containers

Every container is subject to extremely thorough quality checks, we’ll provide superior quality and reliability. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed with the durability and sustainability of our containers.

5) Great Prices

We offer competitive and affordable prices. Request a quote to fiund get an accurate cost for your reauirements.

6) Free Quotes

We offer free quotes on the wide range of containers and modifications we provide.

7) We Listen to Your Requirements

We listen then deliver. From customisations to hiring and selling, whatever you need, we’ll deliver.

8) Great Customer Service

Customer service is our number one priority as we aim to please with the quality of service we have to offer.

9) We Don’t Settle for Second Best

From the best service to the best products, we don’t settle for anything less. Our containers offer the best value for money and we don’t compromise on the quality of our products and services.

10) 10 Years of Experience

We have over ten years of industry experience and ave steadily grown to become one of the most sought after container providers in Australia.


If you’re looking for quality shipping containers, call us today.