10 Reasons To Choose Nationwide Container Sales

10 Reasons To Choose Us

Our shipping containers aren’t just great for transporting cargo; they work perfectly your storage needs in your homes and office. Built to withstand the harsh processes of loading, storage and overseas transportation, we have them in all the sizes you like.

We supply containers built with tough, long-lasting steel to survive the hostile forces […]

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Guide to Shipping Containers

Guide to Shipping Containers
What is a shipping container?

A shipping container is a boxed shaped structure made from steel. It is also known as an intermodal container, which allows the containers to be used across various modes of transportation (road, rail and sea) without loading and reloading the freight. They are extremely durable and built to withstand the extreme forces […]

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Guide to Buying a Shipping Container

The Easy Guide to Buying a Shipping Container
Helpful Tips and Advice on Buying Shipping Containers

Shipping containers make for great storage options, temporary buildings, container homes, and mobile offices. Choosing a shipping container is not always easy. There are several grades and shipping modifications available. Below is the exclusive guide to buying a shipping container:
Define your goals
The […]

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Shipping Containers – Environmentally Friendly Living Ideas

Shipping Containers – Environmentally Friendly Living Ideas
Eco Friendly Shipping Containers

If you do a search on the environmental friendliness of shipping containers, you wont find much information. That doesn’t mean they aren’t environmentally friendly. Shipping containers in this sense refer to recycled, eco-friendly homes that are extremely popular these days. What makes them so popular?

Well, apart from the affordability and being aesthetically pleasing, […]

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